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    The Senbonzakura Residental Form is a form that all new residents must fill out in order for them to be fully accepted as a resident of Senbonzakura. This form was made to ensure the safety of our residents, keep a leash on our town security, and for us to choose residents that will be beneficial to our town as well as the residents themselves having multiple benefits that other towns wouldn't have.

    Please copy and paste this form into the reply section and answer the questions to the best of your abilities, answer honestly please because we don't want liars in our town. If you're stuck or ensure of a question, you may ask for help from the town staff or mayor.

    Question #1 - What is your Minecraft Username?

    Question #2 - Do you know any residents that are apart of Senbonzakura?

    Question #3 - Why do you want to join our town?

    Question #4 - Do you have any experience in building Japanese-style? This may include interior decorating, tree making, or even paths.

    Question #5 - Have you read our town rules and agreed to them?

    After you've finished the form, please notify a town resident and we'll try to get to you as fast as possible. Please know that by filling out this form and if you're accepted into Senbonzakura, if you break our rules we will not hesitate to enforce punishment on you. This may result in a town kick, removal or property of your house, or if needed staff members will be involved and we'll report you.

    Benefits of joining Senbonzakura; no taxes, there is no plots meaning you'll be given the choice to live in a house, free open multi-layer farms with spawners for exp grinding, and finally, you'll be given rewards/gifts during our seasonal festivals or during any festivals we host, this does include red envelope on Chinese New years!

    Make sure that when you're turning in your form, you put it in the reply section, do NOT make a new thread please!

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