Monthly Build Contest - Sponsored by Lecrion (Cestride)

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  1. John

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    Mar 8, 2017
    Starting Monday, July 3rd, Ryalin will be having a monthly build contest sponsored completely by Lecrion (Cestride)! Each month, participating players will be given a special theme to build and work on. At the end of the month, the entire community will vote for which build is best.

    • First Place: Hero Rank ($50 rank)
    • Second Place: $25,000 in-game money
    • Third Place: $10,000 in-game money

    Reward Notes: If the build entry was a group effort, then the reward will be split evenly amongst the group. Therefore, if the first place winner was a group of 2 people, they will each receive the Cavalier rank ($25 rank). If a group of 3 people won second place, they will each receive $8350 (rounded).

    Rules and Stipulations:
    • The build must be located inside the Towny World (the main world).
    • Only one entry per person or group.
    • No more than 3 players may help on one build. If built by multiple players, the reward (if won) will be split as equally as possible between all participants. You are more than welcome to enter the build contest by yourself.
    • If the build is a group effort, then everyone must put in equal amount of work in.
    • All builds must be rated PG and friendly for everyone.
    • All participants must be online for at least 10 hours within the last 2 weeks.
    • All participants must have voted at least 30 times in the past 2 weeks.
    • All participants are able to vote on other builds but may not vote for themselves.
    • All building will be reviewed to ensure the best is chosen.
    • Any use of building mods/hacks (such as schematic mods) are NOT allowed.
    • Copying/Replicating other player’s builds (within the server or online) are NOT allowed.
    • There are no size limits. If you are able to build a large place while still meeting the rules within the given time restraints, feel free to.
    • You are welcome to add/build scenery around the build if necessary. This may help make your build look nicer
    How to enter and participate:
    • All players are welcome and free to join. There are no entry fees or registration at the moment. Simply find a spot in the towny world (you may build inside the town or wherever you would like) and build the month's theme.
    • You are required to supply your own building materials (either purchased in any player shops, gathered on your own, etc)
    • Somewhere near the build must have a sign with all of the users who helped with the build entry.

    Submission Deadline:
    • Each player/group may take up to 5 screenshots/pictures of their builds (in whatever angle they wish) and must be uploaded AS AN ALBUM on Imgur ( (upload all of the images at once and an album should automatically be created)
    • All submissions must be uploaded and provided by the last Saturday 11:59PM of each month's contest. A special discord channel will be available for you to post the album link of your entry. Submissions after this time period will not be eligible.
    • For group builds (2-3 players), only one person may upload and provide the album link.

    • Voting for each entry will begin on Sunday at 12PM EST. A poll will be given for everyone in the channel to vote.
    • After Sunday, the votes will be tallied and rewards will be given out the next few days.

    Monthly Theme:
    Please see the latest post below for the month's theme.
  2. John

    John Member

    Mar 8, 2017
    For the month of August, the build's theme is Best House!
    The best and winning house will be given to Lecrion (Cestride).

    For this contest only, the winner will receive the Titan Rank (instead of the lesser Hero Rank).

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